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Contractor & Excavator

These were two of the partners we needed to identify to move forward in the development of our resort, after getting the land under contract. Finding our general contractor was an interesting process. Having no idea where to begin, our friends at Freshwater Hospitality Consulting actually reached out to several local contractors on our behalf and provided us with a list of five with which we should follow up. The one that surfaced was Jim Hill of Hill Building and Properties, based in Ortonville. He was incredibly excited about our project and helped us understand expected costs and the process.

Hill Building and Properties | General Contractor
Hill Building and Properties | General Contractor

We had actually already selected our excavator, who in fact is Mike’s uncle and aunt, Rod and Reva Betts of R&R Earthmovers, also based in Ortonville. They have decades of experience in excavating, including septic systems, a very important aspect for a resort intended to provide private baths for every accommodation. They boast such a good reputation that they don't need a website, but contact Mike if you need an extremely experienced and professional excavator in eastern Michigan.

Coincidentally and thankfully, we later discovered that Jim and Rod had worked together for years on several projects around eastern Michigan. Mike had the opportunity to sit down with Jim, Rod, and others at Hill Building to share the vision for Mitten Getaways. It was a productive and encouraging meeting. From it came the next steps of Mike setting up meetings with the Health Department to discuss water and wastewater management, as well as narrowing down engineering firms to make a selection, which are two topics planned for the August issue of Mitten Monthly.

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