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ECO Group

When we became Flint SOUP alumni, the organization's founders, Adrian and James, told us the best aspect of being a part of the group are the networking connections. That has indeed been the case for us. Last month, Adrian secured for us an invite to join a group of local business leaders, called ECO. The group holds a monthly breakfast meeting. While we expected to give a short, simple introduction of ourselves, the group generously gave us the floor for a significant portion of the meeting, asked great questions, and prayed for us. The presentations were encouraging and motivating; we left feeling reinvigorated. We are now working with a few of its members who work in real estate to help us in our search for land suitable for our resort.

ECO (which stands for Engage Community Organization) aims to bridge the gap between the community and the church. Through fellowship, events, and networking with the tri-city area, the organization believes it can utilize people's passions for the greater good of the Kingdom. It is particularly geared towards influencing the leadership in the area, knowing that change starts from the head.

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