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Getting Uncomfortable

In July we finalized the terms of our investment opportunity and created a corresponding investors page to house those terms and our pitch. Since then, our time has been consumed by making calls, sending emails, and often making people feel uncomfortable (ourselves included, haha).

But seriously, it's to be expected. Some people have taken the time to review the opportunity, while others have unfortunately avoided us. And that's ok. We imagine the latter group of people would rather avoid having to tell us "no" if they've already decided they're not interested.

Getting Uncomfortable
Pitch Deck Available on Investors Page

Related though, there are some things we hope everyone understands.

  1. We quickly realized that this campaign was as much about increasing our brand awareness as it was about raising funds. Heck, most people have no idea what we're doing. So inviting hundreds of friends and family to our investors page and overall website was a perfect way to share our vision.

  2. It's ok if investing isn't a fit, and it's ok to tell us "no". We just appreciate people taking a look at the page and sharing it with anyone who comes to mind who may be interested.

  3. If you are willing to invest, but are waiting to see how things go, please still submit your soft commitment. We won't request actual funds until we have a sufficient amount committed and township approval.

  4. If you cannot invest, but intend to stay with us, please purchase a loyalty club membership. It is a much smaller commitment that also will help us launch.

Thank you to everyone who logged in and checked out our pitch video and all the other investment opportunity details. It means a lot to us! If you haven't had a chance, please check it out today.

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