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Glamper Guest Loyalty Club Opens Up

In May, we debuted our new glamper guest loyalty program: The 5 Finger Discount Club. As you can tell, we had a little fun with it's naming. We picked the name for a couple of reasons. First, the hand (including its five fingers) is a common map used by Michiganders to identify locations within our state. But don't worry. While you may have to be a Michigander to "get it", you don't have to be a Michigander to get it.

The second reason we selected the name was because our program has five benefits:

  1. First night free

  2. 10% off all bookings

  3. Free rental item every stay

  4. Priority booking

  5. Friends and family 5% off

And, of course, there's the added bonus of using the tagline, "It's a Steal!", haha! Now that we have the land, we are launching a concerted effort to grow our club's membership. We hope that our readers and supporters will join our program. All funds raised will go toward the costs of opening our resort. For peace of mind, if at any point we hit a "wall" and are unable to open, all funds will be returned to those who have joined. We feel this program is a win-win with guests getting a great value and also contributing to the resort's success. Click the button below to read more about it and consider joining today. We look forward to hosting you!

Glamper Guest Loyalty Program
5 Finger Discount Club

Please note: the use of the "5 Finger Discount" idiom is not meant to condone or support theft in any way. 😁

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