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Invest in Tranquility

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Now that we have the land and a firmed up budget, we are undertaking a significant fundraising campaign to bring our dream to life. The campaign employs three tactics, giving our supporters the opportunity to invest in tranquility: (1) private investors; (2) loyalty club sales; and (3) corporate partnerships. We've given much thought to each one to ensure it is a win-win for us and our supporters. Will you please help us by considering these for yourself and your business/employer? Referrals are also greatly appreciated. Visit our Reach Out page to contact us.

Private Investors. Last month we finalized the terms of our investment offering. We also commissioned a pitch video and have set up a private investors page on our website. That page contains our pitch video, pitch deck, terms sheet, feasibility study results, and other information to help investors make an informed decision.

Glamper Loyalty Program. The loyalty program is for anyone who would potentially glamp on our resort. It's priced at $500 for five years, but kicks off with a free night stay valued at up to $300. With the other benefits included, membership pays for itself by the second or third stay. And with research showing that nearly three-quarters of glampers planning to glamp again, we definitely expect those subsequent stays to happen.

Corporate Partners. Last, but not least, we are seeking corporate partners. While these partnerships are customized, a key benefit is the opportunity for a business to sponsor a glamping structure and have its name displayed on the interior and exterior of the structure, as well as online in our booking engine and on the Partners page of the website. Likewise, partners may choose to sponsor a community aspect of the resort such as the garden or playground. Other benefits include co-marketing in our newsletter and website, co-branded items in our Mitten Market, and products of the company sold onsite at our resort. The packages are laid out below.

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