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Land Secured!

Yes, after months of walking 15-plus pieces of land, we finally secured the land for our glamping resort! They said it couldn't be done. Ok, maybe no one actually said that, but it sure felt that way. Regardless, today, thanks to a very special and patient property owner, who once shared a similar dream, we have the most amazing piece of land on which to develop our business. Yes, the owner not only gave us over six months to complete our due diligence prior to closing, but they also had a vision to establish tiny stays along the water so people could experience nature there, just like we intend to do.

The land is located in Howell, and has access to a lake and state land. The property is approximately 100 acres in size, providing the space we need to give our glampers privacy between sites and plenty of activities on the resort. The property is also very secluded, being tucked away on a private driveway off of several gravel roads. Despite its seclusion, it is within about an hour of Michigan's most populated cities such as Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, Lansing, and many more. We love that we're close to downtown Howell; it is a growing city offering many wonderful restaurants, shopping, and things to do. We will be able to share more about the property once we procure township approval to begin development. Until then, enjoy this short clip showing the vastness of the property, which was captured while we were onsite shooting our pitch video.

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