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Land Update

If you follow us on social media, you saw that we hadn't been able to secure a purchase agreement with the owners of the McCaslin Lake property in Argentine. We continued on with a #goodglampingneighbors campaign, outlining how we would address concerns, one at a time. If for nothing else, the campaign's aim was to set the stage for how we'd plan to operate, regardless of where we ended up. That campaign wraps up this week and then, as a sort of capstone, we share a summary of guest rules we plan to utilize on our resort. You get to be the first to see the rules here (below) in our newsletter.

While we are continuing to search for land in the area, it currently seems that we will need to venture outside of Genesee County to find the right piece. We are trusting in God; he may bring us back to Argentine, make a way for one of a couple parcels in the Howell area, show us something new in Genesee County, or show us that it's not the right time at all for our business. Hopefully, we'll have news to share in next month's issue.

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