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Land Ups and Downs

By now, most of our followers know our pursuit of the land in Argentine Township has ceased. But that's ok! We trust God has the right option for us. And we know it may not come easily. Let us tell you about the past month.

Last month, we mentioned having the opportunity to join the ECO group, a faith-based group of local business owners investing in our community. Through this group, we were connected with John and Meredith, owner and agent, respectively, of Wentworth Real Estate Group. Interestingly, we were also using Bria of the same firm last year when we were searching for a home. Meredith and Bria have come together to help us in this different real estate journey.

After Argentine fizzed out, we set our sights on a REALLY big (373 acres!) farmhouse in Cohoctah Township, near Howell. It had a lot going for it, from a mile of the Shiawassee River, to having two homes and several outbuildings already established, to a variety of terrains conducive to our resort. Meredith and Bria set up a showing, which was going to be more like a 3-hour walk based on its size! The land had sat on the market for well over a year, so we felt we had a good chance at it. Unfortunately, just two days before we were set to see it, the owners received a cash offer and accepted it. Ugh!

Within the same day, Meredith and Bria found another huge parcel just south of Howell. This one also had plenty going for it. It had two pristine lakes and horse barns. It was secluded, yet close to the population. We thought the last one was big, but this former Girl Scout Camp boasted 999 acres! Still within the same day, while trying to organize a showing, we learned that it had been broken up into dozens of parcels and many of them were sold. While there were still some parcels that could be a fit for our business, there was not enough contiguous land for our resort and we were forced to again move on.

We'll keep looking! We now have a third Wentworth realtor, Andy, on our team, helping us find the perfect piece of land for our glamping resort. We are so pleased with the work of these realtors. Check them out using the button below.

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