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Marketing Mishmash

We've had a number of developments in the marketing side of our business over the past month. That includes a website, kudos from a fellow glamping resort operator, and unique partnerships with some of our favorite glamping structure manufacturers.

Originally, Mike had planned to create the website himself. He has designed four websites for his church, local pharmacy association, and his consulting business and still maintains them. Unfortunately, the platform he used to do so has made significant changes and he became paralyzed with all the cool features he could choose from to use. It became clear that he was not a professional website designer and his time would be better spent developing other areas of the business. Fortunately, he had worked with professional website designer, Shannon Brown in the past, and he was available to help. He and Mike are working together and plan to release the updated website in early May! Check out Shannon's company, Advanced Graphics using the button below, if you are in need of a website.

In addition to not being professional website designers, we are also not professional marketers (see our #nomarketingdepartment campaign on social media). Despite that, we have received several compliments on our social media presence. One in particular that stands out is a fellow glamping resort operator, who actually reached out to ask if we could provide some marketing services for her in exchange for a stay at her resort. That one is TBD.

Finally, in the marketing department, in relation to our capital campaign, we have put together a unique deal for our preferred structure manufacturers. In exchange for a fee and commitment to include a manufacturer's structures on our resort, we proposed to provide the following advertising and marketing services.

  • Featured on our website as MGGC’s preferred category partner

  • 6+ original posts annually on all MGGC social media accounts

  • 12+ post shares annually with MGGC promotional comments

  • Inclusion in our glamping resort business plan template for sale

  • Custom merchandise representing the brand sold in the Mitten Market

  • Permanent placement in every issue of Mitten Monthly

  • One featured article in our newsletter and blog, annually

We are still in negotiations with our preferred manufacturers and have received compliments on this creative fundraising approach. We are planning a similar marketing offering for Michigan-based businesses, in which our structures would be named after their business or product. If you know of any businesses interested in partnering with us, please reach out.

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