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MGGC Website v2.0!

If you've visited our website in the past few weeks, you've noticed it now contains more that a newsletter sign up form. Yes, we've finally launched version 2.0 of! We think it does an amazing job portraying what we hope to offer to our guests. It still has some TBDs, stock photos to be replaced, and additions, but the majority of it is ready to go. Many thanks to Advance Graphics for their help designing the site. Check them out on our "Partners" page. The site is also optimized for mobile use.

Mitten Getaways Website
Mitten Getaways Website Home Page

Let's call out some of the unique aspects of the site.

  • Community. Here we plan to highlight to our guests the many activities available in our area, including events, food and drink, shopping, and things to do. We also plan to put together some itineraries. Our company vision is to be a destination pillar of our community.

  • Events Calendar. The Events Calendar page will hold events we plan to have on the resort and community events. While the Community page will list annual community events, the Events Calendar page will put all of them on a calendar to make planning your stay that much easier. We also have an Event Tickets page, which is exclusively resort events which require an RSVP or tickets to be purchased.

  • Expectations. The "unexpected" we want to provide our guests centers around the wow factor, not being surprised by unmet expectations. Thus, we laid out accommodations, amenities, onsite activities, and an extensive FAQ section on our Expectations page.

  • Excursions. Some call them retreats. We call our group outings an excursion. What's an excursion? It is a short (we'll let you define "short") trip made for pleasure, especially one that has been organized for a group of people. This is our offering for corporate retreats, church groups, family reunions, and other events where multiple glamping sites would be needed.

  • Mitten Market. It's our store. We have merchandise and we have B2B products such as business document templates available to other resort operators. We also have plans to sell co-branded items as a part of our partnership offerings.

  • MI Mitten. This is our guest account area. Here you can manage your orders, reservations, subscriptions, and events. But don't hesitate to sign up. You don't need to have a reservation to set up an account.

  • Partners. This is where we highlight the businesses who have partnered with us to help make our dream a reality. Each partner gets their own dedicated page on our site and various other perks, depending on their partnership level.

  • Reservables. There are some things we plan to offer to our guests that will require an appointment or reservation. "Booking" and "reservation" sounded too much like that related to a stay in one of our glamping structures. "Appointment" sounded too much like a visit to the dentist. We chose "reservables" because it felt like a miniature version/add-on to an overnight reservation.

  • 5 Finger Discount Club. Finally we have our guest loyalty program, which we think is pretty awesome. We created it to help with pre-bookings and to raise funds to go toward financing the startup. Yes, if you're reading this, please join our program to help us open in 2024.

Many of the pages and programs above are just in the beginning stages and we have much more to add. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the website, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can use the "Reach Out" page of our site or the site's built in chat function.

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