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Mitten Getaways Gets Away at Getaway

We're now well into fall, but before summer ended, the Crowe family did a little glamping at a place called Getaway The Thumb, another glamping operator that apparently also saw good reason to use "getaway" in their name, haha. Unlike our trip to South Haven, we brought our girls with us to experience this glamping excursion. A little about Getaway... it is a national chain of glamping resorts, all with a similar model. Ours was located outside the rural town of Columbiaville (hence "The Thumb") and had about 50 sites, each with a glamping trailer. Inside, guests are provided with a queen bed, kitchenette, full bath, and seating for four. If you had more than two guests, like us, you had a second queen bed up in a loft. Outside was a picnic table, a camp chair for each guest, and a firepit/grill.

Our Getaway Campsite
Our Getaway Campsite

During our stay, we found things that were relatable and not so relatable to our plans for MGGC. We also found things we considered thoughtful and inspiring. Relatable was that this resort was very secluded and the individual glampsites were spaced out. We didn't see any residents on the surrounding property and our fellow glampers were mostly out of sight. Another relatable feature was having a kitchenette and full bath inside the unit. The entire unit was sealed with heat and A/C. This is the level of comfy, bug-free glamping we envision for our resort! On the unrelatable side, Getaway has drive-up sites. Because of the size of the property, this was probably necessary. Our plan is to have a guest parking lot, and provide wagons (and golf cart rides) in order to cut down on noise and light pollution. We thought the interior of the trailer was a little crowded at about 200 square feet; our smallest planned accommodation (covered wagons) will likely be about 50 square feet larger. Everything else will range from 400 to 600 square feet. Finally, and probably the biggest thing missing for us were the activities. Besides the usual things you can do at a campsite, about the only other things to do on the resort was hiking on a couple of half-mile trails. Attention to detail was thoughtful and appreciated. Prior to our check-in we opened up a line of text message communication, initiated by the resort's management. And when we arrived, we were welcomed by a handwritten note inside our glamper. Though we didn't have a dog, it was nice that they provided a leash and dog dish. Some other thoughtful things included a desk fan for the upper bunk, a Bluetooth radio, playing cards, and a rechargeable lantern to take outside. Getaway's designers paid much attention to the little details like these. All of this being said, we want to acknowledge that Getaway has a very different business model compared to what we've proposed for our resort. If you want to simply getaway to disconnect and can entertain yourself, Getaway is a great option. You can hear more about our stay at Getaway in this episode of the Mitten Minute podcast.

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