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Mitten Marketer Offers a Range of Services

The Mitten Marketer offers three levels of services: consult, setup, and maintain. The goal of each one varies a bit, but all are based on helping businesses cost-effectively market their products and services.

The aim of the consult is to guide businesses to be able to “DIY” their marketing. Clients receive one-on-one time going through a marketing checklist and receiving guidance on how to complete it. Clients leave with a plan of action to begin or elevate their marketing strategy, including a process to condense a month’s worth of marketing content creation and scheduling into less than a day’s work through the use of tools that cost around $20 per month.

If clients would like The Mitten Marketer to be a little more hands on, the setup option is meant to help clients hit the ground running by completing one of three marketing activities on their behalf; website design, social media stand-up, and custom merchandise. All of these packages are discounted 10% for clients who previously booked a consultation.

Finally, the maintenance option is available. Although the Mitten Marketer’s strategies are meant to make DIY marketing possible and preferred, we do offer an option for businesses that would rather turn this function over to a professional. Under this program, clients pay a monthly subscription and provide up to five pieces of media (e.g., images or videos) per month. The Mitten Marketer then turns these 5 pieces of media into up to 50 quality posts across multiple channels.

With this range of services, I hope clients looking for help improving their marketing processes will be able to find a service that’s a fit for them. Please visit the Our Services page to learn more.

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