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Mitten Minute Podcast

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with Woodall's Campground Magazine (WCM) to host a glamping podcast. As many of our followers know, we were on WCM's Park Update show in January. WCM and Ben Quiggle, the magazine's editor, have been a huge help to us in both resources and creating awareness of our business.

Mitten Minute Podcast
Mitten Minute Podcast Logo

Quiggle reached out to Mitten Getaways in April to inquire about a new podcast focused on glamping. He thought it would be fun to launch the new project, with Mike and Melissa doing a 10 to 15 minute podcast/video show once a week. The show would serve to update people on various aspects of Mitten Getaways' development. Quiggle said that they've found park owners love to hear from other developers and park owners and he thinks our story is interesting.

WCM will produce the show and has created a logo incorporating our suggested name, Mitten Minute. You can find the Mitten Minute Podcast on our website. The first show airs on Monday, June 19th.

And now to learn how to host a podcast...

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