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Name & Logo Selection

It may seem unusual for us to be talking about our logo this long after starting our business, but we really just wrapped up the process at the start of this month. A couple of amateurs using Microsoft Paint was a very tedious, grueling process... just kidding, we actually launched a logo contest on a platform called 99Designs. As for our name, we knew we wanted to encompass Michigan and the idea that our glamping resort would be a getaway. We had some close friends help us select our name out of about ten the two of us had brainstormed. At that point, we were ready to take it to the artists.

There were about a dozen initial submissions for logos. Some were easy to rule out, but most deserved consideration. One artist's design (center below) really stood out to us. We thought the deep blue and gold colors along with the fonts selected really reflected the glamorous aspects of glamping and our business. She provided many more variations as we continued to give her guidance. We named her the winner in early September and continued to work with her on a couple more logos up until this month. It's easy to overlook how many different applications a logo has and thus how many variations are needed. We needed logos that were transparent, landscape, round, square, black and white, and/or text-free, for our website, social media accounts, favicon, documents, and other uses. We are so happy with our artist's designs and that she was able to provide all of the versions we needed.

The winning logo designs selected for Mitten Getaways Glamping Co.

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