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Personalize Your Mitten Experience with a Guest Account

Ok, so we've probably been a little geeked about our new website this past month. Ok, so Mike's probably been a little geeked about the new website. Ok, Mike is a lot geeked about it. But we've put a ton of thought into its design, content, and organization. And we're pretty excited about it.

One of the really cool website features is the ability to create your own glamper guest account. We call it MI Mitten. If you've explored our website, you've seen that we have a store, appointments, subscriptions, events, and of course reservations. With a MI Mitten account you can see the status of your orders, bookings, subscriptions, RSVPs and tickets, and your stays with us. You can also engage with our blog through comments and like, manage notifications, and create wish lists of items from our store.

MI Mitten Glamper Guest Account
MI Mitten Glamper Guest Account

To create an account or login, navigate to "MI Mitten" in the header or the footer of the website. You can also click the button below. You can login or create an account using your existing Google or Facebook account, making it easy.

We hope you'll consider joining our little online community. Let us know if you have any feedback on MI Mitten or anything else on our website.

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