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Pitch Video & Funding Round Opened

In late May, after the land was under contract, we commissioned a pitch video. We asked for recommendations for videographers on social media and thankfully received many wonderful referrals. We ended up selecting Chris Bair Media to produce it and we're very happy with what he was able to create for us and how quickly he did so. He was able to shoot the footage the first week of June and have the final cut ready a week later. After we received the investment term sheet from our lawyer, which took a couple more weeks, we were ready to "go live" with our funding round, which is largely supported by our investor’s page and pitch video.

Let's Bring Glamping to Michigan
Let's Bring Glamping to Michigan

Besides the pitch video, the page contains:

  • Pitch deck & opportunity highlights

  • Industry trends and research

  • Market feasibility study

  • Investment terms

  • FAQs and channel for questions

  • Access to an investors forum for updates

To learn more about our investment opportunity, please visit The page does require creating an account, but in many cases that can be done with a single click.

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