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Site Plans!

We've described what we would like to offer on our glamping resort in our Flint SOUP presentation and throughout social media, but finally we can give you something a little more tangible. Below is the southern portion of the McCaslin Lake property and what we have planned for it. You can see the Shiawassee River running east to west at the bottom of the image. These plans are subject the budget, township, and regulatory constraints, but it gives you an idea of what we would like to include.

The plans include a main hub (see "Main Parking") on the southwest side of the property and 15 glamping sites scattered east of there. The main hub is where guests begin their glamping trip with us. Besides parking, it includes the barn, farm animals, garden, patio, food-truck area, playground, and sports/yard games field. To maintain peace and privacy (no headlights, noisy cars, etc.), all guests will park and walk not more than 5 minutes to their glamp sites. We will provide heavy-duty wagons and assistance if needed for luggage transportation. For privacy, all glamping sites are spaced 200 feet from each other and have private walking trails leading up to their sites.

The northern portion of the property will have no development done in the first phase other than walking trail creation/maintenance and building a dock on McCaslin Lake. In future phases, we would consider additional glamping sites.

Preliminary site plans for a property we attempted to purchase.

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