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Site Plans & Steps to Close

Our initial goal for the resort is to provide approximately 12 glamping accommodations, a community gathering space, garden and greenhouse, playground, farm animal space, barrel sauna, and other smaller structures. As we've always said, one of our core tenets is having a variety of glamping structures. Therefore we plan to incorporate domes, safari tents, novel pole tents, covered wagons, and a tipi (as shown below in the plans for a prior property we pursued for a time). We don't know the exact mix yet, but we do know that we'll be holding off on sharing the plans until after we receive our special use permit. You can explore more of our plans on the Expectations page of our website.

Site Plans for a Prior Property
Site Plans for a Prior Property

To break ground on this, we need the approval of the township, which requires a site plan. A site plan in turn requires several pieces of information, including information on property boundaries, topography, wetlands, and soil type. The property boundaries and topography will be taken care of by our civil engineer, which we selected last month. We've hired a wetlands consultant to conduct a delineation, which will be layered into the site plan. Perc tests will be observed by the health department and will help us determine our options for septic. With these aspects a site plan can be constructed and submitted to the township for both special use permitting and site plan approval. The site plans will also be the basis for the construction plans, which are to follow shortly thereafter. Check out Episode #2 of our podcast for much more on our site plan and approval expectations.

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