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The Glamping Landidates

To date, we've physically walked ten parcels in the area, some of them multiple times, adding up to over 1,000 acres covered (see evaluation matrix below). Our goal is to find a location in southern Genesee County or northern Oakland County because we really want to give our guests easy access to the towns we love. We believe the corridor between I-75 and US-23, and north of M-59, is the perfect location for people not wanting to travel several hours north for the peace our resort intends to provide.

We kicked off November with a letter campaign to land owners, asking them to consider selling or leasing their land to us. Fortunately, Mike was able to find a web-based program with parcels and corresponding landowner addresses. We sent ten letters, including one to the recently sold "Holly 176", the land that inspired our idea. Within two weeks, we heard back from three landowners, two of which were open to discussing a sale. We've walked one of parcels ("Mundy 28") and are considering making arrangements to walk the other, which is not included below.

Comparison table put together for land we evaluated for our resort.

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