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The Glamping Store Offers Custom Glamping Goods

In addition to ready-made products for purchase, The Glamping Store is now offering customized items. Since our products are glamping-focused, we thought that there may be businesses within the glamping industry that want their business name or logo added to one of our products to either sell to customers or to wear themselves. We also thought that the customization may be desirable for glamping groups like a family glamping for a reunion or a corporate group out glamping as part of a retreat. Customization allows our customers to personalize our already awesome glamping gear.

For a very small fee, we’ll customize any one of our existing products and make it available for the customer to purchase. All they have to do is provide what they want added and okay a proof. We can also do completely customized products if something more than adding a name or logo is desired. Visit our Custom Design page to start the process.

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