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The Mitten Market is Open

This past month, we opened the Mitten Market, our online store. We have over 90 products available and most are in several color and size options. A few items are shown below, but we also have hoodies, hats, bags, kids clothing, and much more. Now, don't worry, we didn't go out an buy a truckload of inventory. We are using a really cool print-on-demand service that creates and ships the customized items directly to our customers. And we've already has a number of orders, including to ourselves. Everything has been of awesome quality, both in the material and the print/embroidery.

All clothing (except hats and polos) is made on super soft, high-quality Bella Canvas brand products. Free shipping kicks in at $100. When shopping, use the filters to make it easier to browse. The "L" and numbers at the end of many item's descriptions refers to the logo style used on that item. You can filter by this, too.

If you are looking for something, but don't see it, let us know. We can design and add it to our store in a matter of minutes.

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