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Wetlands Delineation Back

On May 30th we finally signed the contract with our wetlands consultant, Bryana, of Marx Wetlands. Mike joked in his email sending the signed agreement that he didn’t know if they’d ever see the day. As promised, Bryana and her team were out to the property by the end of June to perform the delineation. Her drafters finished the mapping and she finalized her report, providing it to us just last week.

Mike and the Marx Wetlands Team
Mike and the Marx Wetlands Team

Although we were a little worried that the wetlands may be too restrictive for our vision, we were pleased to find out that we indeed do have adequate space on the property to create the accommodations we desire! In fact, the delineation results helped lead us to a layout we didn't expect to have at first, but in the end should be more cost-effective. As has always been one of our core tenets, we will be able to provide approximately 200 feet between sites so that our guests will have the critical aspect of privacy during their stay.

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