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What Makes a Great Glampground?

For our particular business model, we have three main attributes we're looking for in our land: size, scene, and spot. We need it to be sized adequately to supply things to do on the resort, from hiking and snowshoeing, to a community garden, playground, and animal farm. We also need the acreage to create privacy between an adequate number of glampsites (ideally ten). At a minimum, it seems we'd need at least 50-70 acres. By scene, we mean the surroundings and seclusion. We want our guests to feel like they're getting away. When there are visible bordering homes for a given parcel, we become less enthusiastic about it. Finally, we need to be in the right geographic spot. That is somewhere in the Genesee or Oakland County area. We have to be accessible, yet far enough away from the noise of the roads and highways. We're hopeful we can find a parcel meeting these requirements!

From a beautiful 80 acre parcel in Mundy Township, which we ruled out due to proximity to neighbors.

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