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gLOVE by Mitten

Updated: May 16, 2023

Welcome to Our Glamping Blog!

Are blogs still a thing? Yeah, probably. Besides, it gives us a place to share longer stories, cause you know when you see those novel-long posts on Facebook, you sometimes keep on scrolling. Anyways, in our blog, we intend to share progress on our resort development, including stories from our Mitten Monthly newsletter and additional content as we see the opportunity.

The Name

On to the blog's name. Continuing to pay homage to our beautiful home state of Michigan, we decided to go with gLOVE. You know, we Michiganders affectionately refer to our state as "The Mitten State". And if you ever ask a Michigander what part of the state they're from, you better be prepared for them to raise their right hand - not to make an oath, but to show you where they dwell on their handy (pun intended) portable map. We thought with our blog focused on our love of glamping, we'd bring the two together for "gLOVE". Ok, don't make it weird. It's gLOVE as in "glamping love" for those who love glamping. You gotta give us a hand, haha. We think it's a good fit and we hope you enjoy the stories to come.

Next Steps

Take some time to check out some of our other blog posts to get to know us. And, using the button below, make sure to sign up for our newsletter, Mitten Monthly, so you always have the latest on our journey.

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