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Mike and Melissa

Hi! We’re Mike & Melissa Crowe, lifelong Michigan residents, outdoor enthusiasts, and your hosts at Mitten Getaways Glamping Company. Welcome to our site! We hope to welcome you onsite someday soon.

We've glamped for years and never knew it. At least we didn't know what we were doing was called glamping. Escaping to nature without having to "rough it" or invest a ton into equipment and supplies was something that appealed to us, both as a couple and as a family. We love our great state of Michigan, what many affectionately refer to as the Mitten State, and we know you don't have to travel hours up north to enjoy it. When we discovered the industry of glamping, we were amazed at how big it had become, but we were surprised to find out that it had yet to come to eastern Michigan. Taking what we loved about glamping and blending it with great aspects of other glamping resorts, we formed our vision. Our coined Michiglamping centers around five core tenets; we seek to offer a variety of glamping accommodations, year-around, with space between them for privacy, on secluded property, with plenty of activities on the resort. More on our vision in our pitch video.

What Led to Mitten Getaways

The idea for Mitten Getaways was inspired by a plot of land in eastern Michigan, which we discovered in 2021 while searching for a home for our family. The 176-acre parcel was just three minutes from I-75 yet driving by it you wouldn’t know it existed. It was hidden by a narrow strip of wetlands parallel to the road. Its entrance came up over a hill to reveal the first farmed segment of the land, where absolute peace, beauty, and seclusion awaited. The land was full of rolling hills and beautiful tree lines, along with a six-acre private lake. It took hours just to walk the perimeter and the only sounds to be heard were those of nature.

The Land that Inspired Mitten Getaways

Initially, the plan was to build an event barn along with domes for overnight stays. We didn’t yet know about “glamping”, but our love of the outdoors propelled us forward. The main tree line extended east to west and provided a perfect place to nestle distanced sites with daily sunrise and sunset views. For this property, most of the land would remain dedicated to crops, but space would be reserved for fitting attractions. We would live onsite with our daughters, welcoming glampers, and maintaining the business.

We soon realized that an event barn would take away from the peacefulness we intended to provide, so we eliminated it from the plan. We learned that glamping was an industry by itself, having national associations, conventions, and glamping resorts around the world. We discovered a plethora of accommodation types, and decided to diversify beyond domes to offer varied experiences. With year-round, unique sites, positioned privately on secluded land, offering several onsite activities, our dream had come together.

The land that sparked the idea and led to an extensive phase of confirmatory planning was sold before we could make an offer. Fortunately, its unavailability gave us more time to plan and connect with helpful resources, and identify new, better fitting properties, boasting improved seclusion, privacy, and beauty.

More About Your Hosts

We have two beautiful daughters, Joslyn and Jolene (and one on the way!), attend Faith Church of Linden, and adore our little (and not-so-little) towns here in eastern Michigan. We both delight in finding unique getaways and being outside and active. Mike is a pharmacist who appreciates that in some cases the therapeutic aspects of nature can be as effective as pharmaceuticals. He thrives on managing projects, learning new technology, and tackling a good challenge. What could be a bigger challenge than opening a glamping resort? Melissa loves homesteading activities and healthy foods. She grows and preserves vegetables and herbs for our family, researches nutritious foods, and has experienced raising chickens and other animals. Our resort will bring these passions together with glamping, and be something we can share in the enjoyment with our daughters and our guests. We can’t wait to host you and your family!

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