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Podcast Season Finale

Earlier this month, we recorded what we're calling our first season finale of the Mitten Minute podcast. Being that we are back to the land search stage, the content we have to cover in our show is running a bit low. And we didn't want to stretch it so thin that we have to start doing episodes on something like how many emails we get per day. Once we have property secured again, or if something significant happens, then we plan to return with new episodes, with slightly richer content than our email inbox activity. 😉

It’s been a great experience recording a podcast (for the first time!). We are very appreciative of the team at Woodall’s Campground Magazine for giving us the opportunity, and for Outdoor Alliances agreeing to be the show's sponsor. We recorded a total of 18 weekly shows, with the first one airing at the end of June. We covered topics like the history of our journey, pre-marketing our business, our time at other Michigan glamping resorts, and our experience with securing land (the first time!). During our podcast hiatus, all our episodes will remain available on our website and on various podcast channels, so if you ever want to listen to, or revisit past episodes, by all means, please do.

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