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The Glamping Store Opens

We're excited to announce that The Glamping Store opens today. The Glamping Store is the custom, curated store for glampers, luxury campers, and glamping resort owners. While it is hosted on the domain, it can be accessed simply by going to

The Glamping Store Opens
The Glamping Store Opens

Up until the launch of The Glamping Store, if one were to go out to try and find glamping-specific items, they'd find that there really isn’t a dedicated retailer in the market. There are some manufacturers and distributors, but they are usually selling only one or a few products. And the few items that larger retailers such as Amazon have are buried in the rest of the items they sell. So we set out to bring everything deemed “glamping” together in one place.

Another driving force behind opening The Glamping Store was my experience building out our merchandise store for Mitten Getaways. Melissa and I always like to get a souvenir on our vacations, so we knew we wanted to sell some merchandise at our resort. We also saw it as an opportunity to tie in with our pre-marketing efforts, getting some people to don our logo on their shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

As I looked around for ideas for merchandise that could have more than just our logo, I realized that there wasn’t a lot of glamping gear out there. I also realized that our merchandise had a limited audience of mainly people who would want to help us out, at least until they stayed at our resort and wanted our merchandise as a memento of their own. It just didn't make sense that the larger glamping world would come to Mitten Getaways' merchandise store to buy their glamping goods.

So, having worked through the process of setting up an online store, seeing an unmet need of a dedicated glamping goods store, and wanting to market our store to a larger audience, we decided to open The Glamping Store.

At a high level, our store has two categories of products for sale; products we have designed ourselves and sell as print-on-demand, and products sold by third parties, which we have reviewed and personally endorse.

The Glamping Store also has a product blog to highlight and review some of the items we sell, and we’re working on building out glamping product subscriptions.

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