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Purchase Rewards



Earn cash back from thousands of stores, just by purchasing within the Rakuten app.


Why I Like It...

I can earn cash back for almost everything I buy online with just one extra step of starting my shopping trip within the Rakuten app.

Ok, this one isn't a marketing-specific tool, but I know you're looking for a good deal on your purchases and thist tool can help with that.

I've been using Rakuten since it was "Ebates". It's great! If you're going to buy anything from a retailer, find their store in the app and then shop as you normally would. When you complete checkout, you will receive a percentage of your purchase back as cash back. Once a quarter, your balance is automatically deposited within your PayPal account, which you can immediatly transfer to your bank.

Since late 2018, I've earned over $2,000 in cash back. I especially love buying my new Samsung smartphone through the Samsung store in Rakuten. I usually wait for Samsung to offer 15% cash back, then buy my new $1,500 phone (because today all flagship phones cost that much), and get over $200 cash back! And it's great because Rakuten calculates the cash back based on the subtotal, which means I can still use Samsung's 0% financing program and pay for the phone over 2 or 3 years.