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The Mitten Marketer’s Best Products

In addition to providing consultative and contracted services, the Mitten Marketer also offers a toolbox of highly recommended products. These products, referred to as “The Best Products”, are ones which I have personally used and with which I am very satisfied. Otherwise, the product wouldn’t be recommended.

On “The Best Products” page, visitors can see all the recommended products in summary view, but click on any one of them to reveal a much more detailed review of each one. That review includes a simple reason why I like the service, a more in-depth review, expected pricing, and the main competitors.

In the spirit of full transparency, I am an affiliate of some of these services and receive some form of compensation for referring others to sign up. However, it’s important to stress here, that I am only recommending services which I have first used. Also important to know is that, in many cases, purchasing or subscribing to one of “the best” through the Mitten Marketer website will come with a discount, which is often not available when signing up directly with the service provider. So it’s a win-win if it makes sense for a business owner to sign up.

Please visit The Best Products page to see what I recommend. The page is dynamic and I am always adding new products to it, so check back regularly.

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