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Making Connections at The Glamping Show

For the second year in a row, representatives from Mitten Getaways were able to attend The Glamping Show. That's a really corporate way of saying, Mike went to the show this year and Melissa, being seven months pregnant, wisely opted to stay home. Last year, we didn't know what to expect, and when we did get there, our minds were blown. Attending this year was more about connecting with people we've worked with since last year's show. And Mike definitely had the chance to do that, meeting with a reservation management software vendor, a Wi-Fi service provider, and multiple accommodation manufacturers.

Mitten Getaways Goes to The Glamping Show

Mike got to catch up with Ben Quiggle of Woodall’s Campground Magazine. We met him for first time at last year’s show. Thank goodness I was wearing my Ferris State gear because the Bulldog mascot was what prompted the conversation. So much has come from that, including an interview, publications, and our podcast. Ben has been a big help, as have many others in the industry. Just like in the pharmacy world, it seems so important to network in the glamping industry. We wouldn't have made the progress we’ve made without being able to connect with so many great people. Over the past year, there have also been many glamping resort operators with whom we've crossed paths. I got to meet the Owner of Quaint Glamping in New Hampshire, who I had previously met during a virtual member meetup of the American Glamping Association. He has gone through some of the same difficulties as us, so it was great to connect with him. I also got to meet the couple behind Tractors and Cream, a glamping resort all the way across the pond in England. Of course, they were there with our friends from TruDomes, a British dome manufacturer. And they’ve done quite well building up their glamping and events resort. Finally, I got to meet with the glamping operators of the year, who were presented with their award at the show. Those are the folks from Your Glamping Adventure. These guys have sort of become my glamping role models as they have built some amazing glamping sites down in Tennessee and have done so fairly independently. My understanding is that much of it's been self-financed without major bank loans or large investors. If you’re around the Smithville, Tennessee area, I’d highly recommend booking a stay with them. Their accommodations look amazing and they are constantly receiving 5 star reviews. Thankfully, they agreed to share with us the floor plans they used for one of their glamping structures, which we want to use on our resort. The glamping definition image at the end of this newsletter is from their resort.😁

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